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B2B Marketing Strategies For The New Year

Rishi Dave, Vonage CMO:

“We are seeing an increased need among businesses to provide their customers with the ability to connect and communicate with them via their preferred channels (chat, voice, SMS, social messaging, video etc) in an integrated way. People expect a business to jump seamlessly between their own preferred ways of communicating without losing context. This will define how they see a brand and whether they want to work with them. Because of this, brands are increasingly programming communications directly into their digital experiences, whether it is in a mobile app, website, or application and connecting it with CRM applications to ensure they provide an integrated experience for the customer.”

Elevating the Customer Voice

Rob Lalonde, vice president and general manager of cloud for Univa:

“Customer references are evolving into something far more than just writing a case study. Buyers are looking for evidence of the success and longevity of your products and services, and the best way to convey this is through the words of real, happy customers. That said, it is important to communicate and elevate the customer’s voice through an authentic tone, without a lot of marketing hype or buzzwords. Being able to express the value that your product brings to the customers goes a long way towards not only validating your product, but also building your brand.”

Promotional Products

Paul Bellantone, CAE, President & CEO, PPAI:

“Promotional products are truly the only advertising medium that reaches all five senses, plus a sixth—the sense of ownership for customers—which is why it’s equally important that advertisers and marketers put as much budget, thought, design and strategy into designing successful promotional marketing campaigns as they do with other forms of advertising. Promotional products include business gifts (corporate gifting), awards and prizes, giveaways (tradeshow giveaways, branded products such as pens, bags, etc.), commemorative keepsakes, and incentives (e.g., gift with purchase). This advertising medium has proven staying power with recent research reporting that 41 percent of promotional products are kept for one to five years, 22 percent are kept for six to 10 years, and 18 percent are kept for 11+ years. Top trending promotional products include the following five categories: wearables, drinkware, bags, writing instruments, technology.”

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