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B2B Marketing Strategies For The New Year

Operational Platforms

John Reese, SVP of Marketing at Mavenlink:

“2019 is a year in which marketers will be looking within to improve their external performance. With the mass adoption of marketing technologies and tools over the past decade to streamline and optimize programs, media buying, and analysis, most haven’t spent adequate time to modernize their internal, operational infrastructure. With today’s increasing speed of business, a greater focus on shorter, agile projects, and growing distribution of work teams, the act of digitizing plans, tasks, processes, resource allocation, and collaboration has become foundational to success. And more marketers will be looking to put it all in one place to benefit from the efficiencies and insights.”


Barry Nolan, Chief Strategy Officer at Swrve:

“B2B marketers should look forward to the continued evolution of artificial intelligence in 2019. The trajectory that AI is currently on will bring about new ways of fostering richer engagement at scale. This will be an extreme benefit to most B2B sales cycles, which are known to be lengthy and complex. With more advanced AI resources, B2B marketers can effectively create deeply personalized touch points, add unparalleled precision to targeting, and come to more reliable conclusions around churn risk, which will help accelerate the average cycle, increase upsells, and produce more opportunities to optimize client experiences. We’ve all been jaded by the hype around AI in recent years, but these capabilities are finally on the horizon, and we all should be looking out for them.”

Getting Physical

Tal Klein, CMO of Lakeside Software:

“To borrow a phrase from Olivia Newton-John, our 2019 B2B marketing strategy borrows more than its name from the 80’s: let’s get physical. Digital touches remain useful, but our conversion numbers show enterprise buyers are tired of algorithmic personalization. Next year, we’re going back to lunch & learns and dinner events, replacing clicks and forms with handshakes and leave behinds.”

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