B2B Marketing Strategies For The New Year

Marketing in the B2B world is always tough. Let’s face it, the topics can be a bit dry, at least compared to the consumer segment.

So with the year coming to a close, it’s a good idea to think about new approaches. What are customers looking for? What will resonate?

To get some answers to these questions, I reached out to various marketing experts. Here’s what they had to say:

Sense-Based Marketing

Brett Zucker, CMO of Monotype:

“Thanks to the evolution of new technologies like AR/VR, consumer preferences toward short, ephemeral video content, and the explosion of voice-based devices and assistants, sense-based marketing will take center stage in 2019. We can expect brands and marketers alike to invest aggressively in strategies that appeal to varied audiences across sight, sound, touch, etc., as there is a wealth of opportunity in B2B applications. Take voice for example. This could translate directly into an overhaul of content marketing strategies that prioritize long-tail keywords which are more conversational, “featured snippets” that appear higher on search results, and the continued importance of the mobile-friendly interface. Further, prepare for B2B influencers to wield more power than ever in the new year, as they drive brand authenticity and ROI, even—and perhaps especially—in light of the new privacy-sensitive landscape.”

Seamless Channels

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